Islahul is helping Mavenoid, a Stockholm based startup, make the best troubleshooting platform. He does frontend development with a sharp focus on usability and lean product development strategies. Prefers ReactJS, for now.

Early life

Born May 30, 1991 in the town of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India to A. H. Zunjani and Geeta Zunjani, Computer Science teachers in DPS Bhilai. Studied at DPS Bhilai until 2009.


After being tired of programming through school, Islahul did his B. Tech. in Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay, graduating in 2013. Considering himself a public hazard if let anywhere near construction sites, he went back to his comfort-zone - programming. This time, he took up JavaScript. Hanging out with friends and building products, he spent 2.5 years in the wonderful world of startups.

The startup scene in India came to a startling halt after crazy valuations and well-funded rudderless boats sunk everything(almost). He barely made it out and swam to Dubai, UAE. He spent the next 2 years, helping four others build crazy tools to help Alexander Tamas analyze and discover investments. When the product got popular in investment circles, the team got an opportunity to convert into a startup based out of India, now operating as Synaptic. He didn't want to move back to India, hence decided to take a leap of faith and leave for the lagom city called Stockholm.


  • Likes traveling and posting about it on Instagram
  • Likes spicy asian food and spaghetti carbonara equally
  • Likes reading about everything except programming
  • Likes following the tech startup world
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • Watches every superhero tv series/movie for guilty pleasure
  • Supports Manchester United and Roger Federer
  • Has no f***ing clue about music but listens to everything from Sam Smith to Nicki Minaj to Arch Enemy