In a wrecked boat I wake,
I see no path,
it is all so strange,
I jump into the dark,
tread my way.
Through the rocks, rivers and ridges,
Lonely I am when I defeat the lions,
Lonely I am when I slip and fall,
Untold stories of valour they will always be,
But as I conquer the shadow of the last tree,
Heartbroken I find the ocean again,
I look around, I see someone I never saw before,
She shone like a diamond amongst the golden sands,
True love is the word in their folk lores,
Suddenly I hear the music of the forest,
I see the flowers and not the thorns,
Every moment from now was worth the pain,
Never realized life was an island,
Living was to love and not to conquer,
What a beautiful end the beach became,
And I could never leave the shore again,
I let her cry today,
A strong soul you both are,
Don't worry my dear,
The forest i have searched,
The best wood I have carved,
My son take care
In my boat you sail.