I have very little knowledge of the economics and dynamics but will try to speculate on the future of jobs based on my own experience and observations.

A really long time ago, physical incapability or incompetence would be the only possible reason for unemployment. As we entered into the modern age, work was better delegated and man became more social. Currency came into action, and feudal economies were replaced. Man still had work. As corporations started to optimise their profits machines took place of men. But machines had taken place of men, where there were few, the real problems came when machines took place of people in highly populated areas.

While unemployment rate is often shown by politicians to drop down, the bitter reality is that the number of unemployed still keeps increasing. Although technology cannot be blamed for just decreasing number of jobs for humans, since it has opened new zones of employment itself. The entire universe of programmers did not exist. On the other hand as frameworks mature, you need to write less code, which leads to less people needed for writing code. Python and it's frameworks believe in - 'There should be one and preferably only one obvious way to do it.' Now this WILL lead to us needed less people to write code. So yes, programming jobs will find a decline. IT services have moved to the cloud, remote management is so easy, now you need less maintainence-level guys.

Give me some good news you would say. As we have seen in many fiction movies, in a distant future, machines would do most of our work, so the only work we have remaining would be leisure. Entertainment industry, VR Gaming and sports might take over. So those might still have work for humans. Of course that is until the code learns to write code.