I have been observing the way people talk about leaders in politics. They often judge the quality of a leader by his eloquence, heredity and minority preference. One has to realise that growing a nation takes much more than these. I will try to explain this with a task of similar complexity, heart surgery.

Imagine you were diagnosed with a heart problem that required surgery and you are out there looking for the right doctor. Would speaking usual medical terms eloquently matter to you? Would his number of twitter followers matter? Would a doctor whose only case would say that his father was the first heart surgeon in the world, convince you? Would his middlename, surname, origin and religion make a difference? Would he coming from a rich family or a poor family matter? No.
Would his education matter? Would his past performance matter? Would his work ethics matter? Yes. Same applies to a political leader.

Surgery is team work. You want every guy in the Operation Theater to be good at what they do. You want careful people with clean tools and dresses, dedicated to what they do. They should be at the same page with the doctor at all times of the surgery. Yes, the doctor is the spearhead, but any faulty component would lead to a failure nonetheless. Careful and clean procedure of selection of political candidates is of utmost importance.

Every field is competitive. So to get a chance to do your surgery a doctor would explain why he is better he will make his case. There are two types of cases you will see here -
1. A doctor tells you the other doctor favours muslims, the other doctor is son of wife of a son of. The doctor takes cheap diggs at current authorities.
2. A doctors tells you why he is good at what he does. He tells you what procedures he follows and is transparent about his actions. He lays all the facts out there trusting the smart person in you to make the judgement. Even when he does tell you about the other doctor he will only discuss the corruption in their system, instead of personal eloquent diggs.

We need a leader who talks more about themselves than taking personal diggs at others. We need leaders who are transparent about how the party functions, gets funds and how it uses them. I pick the second doctor/leader.

Well all this is common sense right? No. The common sense in my observation is that most of us Indians still have a slave mentality in our subconcious impressions of a person. We rate power higher than skill, stature higher than education, religion higher than humanity. We like a leader who 'looks' like a great one, not a potential candidate for true greatness. We like people for the wrong reasons, and dislike people for the wrong reasons as well. We like to believe that power flows from top to bottom, so we want the top guy to be the most powerful. We forget that democracy was built to change this flow.

We need a leader who believes in the opposite flow, who gives power to the people to bring about change. As a leader you may chose to be a dictator who decides the flow of the current. Or you could become a facilitator and moderator for the flow of current, and let people themselves make it benefit them. We need leaders who work from bottom up to build a sustainable future for our country.

This is not a post without real world references.
Vote for Aam Aadmi Party(broom symbol) in Delhi elections. Time to give skill and righteousness a chance over status quo.

Here is their website - http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/

PS - The conspiracy theories of AAP being a Congress B-team is what demonstrates that people have run out of logical rebuttals.