Catching a local from Dadar to Kanjurmarg(IIT) @ 10pm is one of the best experiences one can get and I seriously am mesmerized every time!! You actually FLY into the train by just standing in front of the gate, as you are FLYING you have to hang on to most stable object on your way in order to prevent you flying out of the opposite gate..Once you get some space to keep at least one of your foot on floor and one on the strongest boot around. Body reshapes itself to occupy the volume available. And there is hardly any effort to stand as you just can lean on another person and the resultant force on the people standing at gates is cancelled by there willingness to live. At once you can experience the growing levels of CO2(and of course other biological gases) in the atmosphere. People trying to slim can be happy after they have been compressed from both sides. You have to avoid the gate at wrong station because you'll be thrown out and be there just at right station in order to jump out which makes it a tedious calculation considering the speed n space involved. Once if by chance you get down at kanjurmarg you have to get body back from statue to a presentable shape and head on to find all autowalas refusing to drop you to IIT as if it were some Haunted Palace. Phhew!!