Future of jobs

I have very little knowledge of the economics and dynamics but will try to speculate on the future of jobs based on my own experience and »

Let's change the way we pick our leaders

I have been observing the way people talk about leaders in politics. They often judge the quality of a leader by his eloquence, heredity and minority »

Upgrading my personal website

Hey friends, I just moved my web hosting to the cloud using digitalocean. I am moving my website to the new awesome platform - Ghost. Till »

Bringing light to the mountains

It is extremely sad that we lost Jagdish da last year. His enthusiasm and drive remains with all of us. Lets hope we have many more »

Catching my train home

Readers please note, I am not at all a crazy guy, crazy things happen to me. It was a fine morning at Avani(Tripuradevi(near Berinag) »


In a wrecked boat I wake, I see no path, it is all so strange, I jump into the dark, tread my way, Through the rocks, »