Please note before proceeding - All the sources have been mentioned and I do not take accountability for authenticity of any of them. It's is just meant to widen your look at some of the things that happen in election campaigns that we tend to ignore. I am sorry for not mentioning Congress since they have lost significant limelight in order for me to get valuable data. Please email me on islahulzunjani[at] if you have the data.

I hope we as a nation grow to be more transparent in terms of things that affect us directly. Knowing is better than not knowing. We already have suffered enough because of all the scams. Money is real and it's flow and intent decides the future of a country.

Aam Admi Party

Total funding(declared publicly): Rs. 28,84,59,420 (read 28 crores, 4.78 million USD)
Roughly half of the amount raised by the top Kickstart project - Pebble. Half of Flipkart's second round of VC funding($10m by Tiger,2010)

Regarding accusations of funding from USA: The party website does show a number of Rs. 3,16,11,023 (read 3 crores, 11% of total funding) from contributors geographically in USA. On a closer look you do find a few random(non-indian sounding) names in the list with small amounts, but most of them seem to be Indian.

Regarding Ford Foundation: This page is pretty self explanatory and an excellent rebuttal

Expenses - I am pretty confident they are spending almost all that they have.


Total funding: NA( NOT ANNOUNCED )
Accusations: None in particular. Black money accused in general. I do not see how political parties actually generate "value" in order to translate into money. So I will stick to the "donation theory".

Since it is an intellectual property that must be protected. I will move on to estimates. All assumptions and calculations can be modified by your own. Feel free to play with the numbers, I am just here to throw ideas.

I will begin with estimating the marketing spend. Source for estimating sources: Hindustan Times
15,000 hoardings across India for up to 3 months
2-3 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per hoarding per month
15000*200000 = 3,00,00,00,000 ( 300 crore - minimum amount per month)
x3 = 9,00,00,00,000 ( 900 crore - min amount 3 months )
After a few rough calculations I did a multiplier of 2 to the minimum which is too low in itself. But I end up with a number of 1800 crore.
Hoarding expenses - 1800 crore rupees (298,548,000 USD$ approx half of Flipkart's total funding till date)

"50 top national and regional newspapers across India and plan to release about four to five ads everyday till the end of the election process" from source
For rates:

Newspaper Ads - 50 X 3000000 X 90 days = 1350 crores(223 million USD, adding to previous, 520 million = Flipkart's total funding till date)

Lastly TVCs - from mentioned source "In TV, the BJP has bought about 2,000 spots a day across Hindi, English and regional news, general entertainment and sports channels. A spot in most popular entertainment channels cost about Rs. 80,000 per 30 seconds."
90 days1500 spots average40000 average amount per 30 sec

*TV Ads - 48,60,00,00,000 = 4860 crore(800 million USD) *

Total marketing spend in top 3 mediums - 8000 crore rupees or 1320 million USD

Now I absolutely no clue about the transportation and rally costs of the campaign. Kindly provide guesstimates in case you made any to my email.

BJP supporters often have a strong PLOT ARMOUR towards their campaign and leaders. They often ask of questions towards the alleged sources of funding for AAP, etc.. When they are questioned about their funding by Congress, they respond with questions. We need politicians who respond with answers and not with questions.

We liked to be fooled, we like hero worship, we love leaders that troll the nation single handedly, but its high time we open our eyes to the reality, to the degree of honesty of a player, instead of just shouting out rumours, its time we realise that we can do the calculations ourselves and make decisions accordingly. For the genius couldn't keep power, and the greatest orators have been brutal.

PS - Vote for the most honest of them, because honesty is what you expect in life, with people around you. Why not apply it everywhere?