Moving to Dubai - Giving materialism a shot

In the September of 2015, I moved to Dubai to work at a capital management firm(like a hedge fund) Vy Capital. It helped me move »

Marine Drive

I am facing the wind, it feels me, it pushes me and I fight back, testing my best it goes through me. I lie down and »

Foodie Heaven — Istanbul, Turkey

I had two wish-lists before I headed to Istanbul, a list of all the places that we wanted to visit and a much longer and comprehensive »

How to Get Hired by Startups

A guide for students in pre-final and final year in India In case you stumbled here because nobody else is hiring you, and you might be »

Lessons on Entrepreneurship from the movie 'Chef'

If you haven't watched it yet leave this page and do it. ---------- SPOILER ALERT ---------- . . . . . . . . . . . Have real passion for what you do This is the »

Shopsense released new Product Video

After huge efforts from the teams at Shopsense, we released a video for our in-store product - Match. As an App Team Engineer, I was responsible »